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About Mahishi Trust

Know about Mahishi Trust, Dharwad


Welcome To Mahishi Trust, Dharwad. Our Trust was formed by contribution of all family members of Late Smt. Kamalabai and Shri Bindurao Achutacharya Mahishi, hence it is registered as Mahishi Family Public Charitable Trust. Some Philanthropic friends who have admired the work also contributed generously This Trust, which is popularly known as ‘Mahishi Trust’, is registered in 1990 under the Bombay Charitable Trusts Act, for serving the public through activities in the social, educational, cultural, literary, legal and health areas. Mahishi Charitable Trust is a non-governmental social service organization.

Aims & Objectives of Mahishi Trust

The Trust was registered with the following aims and objectives :-

  1. To provide education, healthcare and legal aid to the poor and the needy and undertake various activities for their all round development;
  2. To pool the resources of skilled persons to provide their services to the needy public whenever required;
  3. To offer necessary aid for the development and progress of poor and meritorious students;
  4. To strive for eradication of social evils such as dowry, corruption, casteism and exploitation of women and the weaker sections of society;
  5. To provide an opportunity to the common people to develop their personality by conducting Yoga and Meditation classes;
  6. To organise and conduct Fine Art classes such as music (vocal & instrumental), Drawing, Dance and Drama with a view to help the children and the youth to develop their personality and to preserve our cultural heritage;
  7. To create awareness among the public about our ancient religious literature viz. The Vedas, the Upanishads, the Bhagvad Gita and the Vachanas and through such activities help instil the eternal human values among the young people.
  8. To undertake various activities for the welfare of women, children and the public at large.

Board Members

Dr Narayan Mahishi

Savitri Mahishi

Dr. Shakuntala Nagaraj

Hemalatha Mahishi

Dr. Anand Kabbur

Raghavendra Mahishi

Dr. Gowrishi

About Mahishi Family

Mahishi Charitable Trust started with the generous donations of its family members who have been its backbone all along. Being selfless and service minded, they have always promoted the philanthropic objectives of the Trust wholeheartedly.It is their support and commitment which has helped it to rise to the needs of the society.

The ancestors of Mahishi family come from a place called Mahishi in Tirthahalli taluk, Shimoga district and they took the name as their surname. The Mahishi ancestors were well-known as Nayayashastra Pundits. Later they shifted to Shirahatti. Sri Bindurao Mahishi and Kamalabai are the parents of the Mahishi family.

Champavati Mahishi

She was the eldest daughter of the family.

Sarojini Mahishi

She was the second daughter in her family.

Dr Narayan Mahishi

Dr. Narayan is the third member of the family.

Hemalatha Mahishi

Hemalatha is wife of Dr Narayan Mahishi

Savitri Mahishi

Savitri was born in 1942 in Dharwad

Pralhad Mahishi

Pralhad was born in Dharwad in 1949

Meenaxi P Mahishi

Meenaxi is the wife of Pralhad Mahishi

Main Services and Activites by MahishiTrust

The trust also has many social activities apart from the hospital, some of which are mentioned below.

Yoga & Naturopathy Hospital

The Mahishi Trust Dharwad has established a “Naturopathy and Yoga Hospital” in the year 2008 at Daddikamalapur, Dharwad.It’s One of the best Nature Care hospital in North Karnataka providing a Yoga and Naturopathy Treatments to the public. A full-fledged Naturopathy and Yoga Hospital is located in a natural surrounding of 4.5 acres of land. This center is situated on serene pollution free, lush green and beautiful location ideal to rejuvenate health and peace of mind. It is located on the way to Alnavar (Goa Highway) 8 Km away from the Dharwad Bus stop and also very near from Hubli. This Hospital has been serving the people in and around Karnataka and other states for several years.

Banashankari Kala Mantap

Soon after the trust was registered in 1990, Banashankari Kala Mantap was the first to be built to provide a venue for the various social service activities visualized by the Trust. The focus of the trust has been the development of women and children in all its efforts. To Fulfill the objectives of the trust, the following activities have been conducted at the kala mantap:

Fine Art Classes, Literary Activities, Grihadai Training Course, Educational Activities, Workshops on Human Rights, Music Concerts & Dance Performances, Dramatic Activities, Jiddu Krishnamurthy Study Center, Legal Awareness Programmes and more.

Banashankari Vanaprastha Ashram

Banakshankari Vanaprastha Ashram is a well-furnished home for the aged run by the Mahishi Trust for the last sixteen years where the senior citizens spend the twilight years of their life. It is situated in a bungalow on top of the saraswatpur hill from where it commands a beautiful view of the city. This property was donated to Mahishi Trust by the philanthropist Dr. D. V. Nidakarni in order to run a home for the aged.

The trust has added another ten rooms to meet the increasing demand for more space. The modern urban lifestyle which has become extremely hectic has made it difficult for old people to spend their life with their families, Hence old age homes like Banashankari Vanaprastha Ashram fulfills the need of providing a second home for the aging souls.

Home Nursing Course

Nursing is a noble profession. At the Home Nursing Centre, we prepare female and male nurses to give nursing care to the aged, disabled, bedridden and critically ill patients in their residence. Home Nurses assist patients who are recovering at home following a recent hospital stay, diagnosis, disability etc. Our Nurses are trained to be experts in management of patient care in home and assist the patients as per Doctor’s advice. Many hospitals have employed them as nurses in their hospital also.

The Home Nursing course is being conducted by the Trust since 2001. This training is imparted with a view to make the persons of economically weaker sections of society employable. Over 800 Home Nurses have been trained and all of them have found employment in hospitals as Nursing Assistants or are employed as visiting Home Nurses to take care of geriatric patients.


This Bureau has been helping trained Home Nurses to find suitable opportunities for short term placements with families needing nursing service. Many families have found this service highly useful



The Home Nursing Training course is of 1 academic year duration. This Training course starts in June every year.

Age limit: 18yrs to 35yrs


  1. Anatomy & Physiology
  2. Hygiene
  3. Nursing Skills
  4. Food & Nutrition
  5. Various kinds of bed making
  6. First Aid
  7. English
  8. Practicals / Hospital Visits
  9. 2 months’ internship in Hospitals

Eligibility for Admission

A pass in 10th Standard / S.S.L.C. Board Examination 
(In special circumstances less educated also considered)

Those who are discontinued the education and staying at the home can also join the course.

Scholarship for the Poor and Deserving

Champavati Mahishi scholarship is given for deserving students every year.

For more information on Fee Structure and Intake please contact:

+91 0836 2775593, 90088 01940, 79752 92396

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